Investment Tokenomics

Describing BSCB Token Features
In this section, we'll discuss the features of BSCB Token. $BSCB token is the core of BSCBay and will empowers each and every element of the eco-system.
In-itself. $BSCB is a powerful token with the ability to provide rewards in USDT to the holders. More than that, BSCB will conduct the following functions:
5% redistributed in USDT
5% of every transaction is redistributed to all holders. Investors will just need to hold $BSCBay tokens to earn USDT. A minimum of 200,000 tokens is required in order to receive rewards.
USDT will paid Automatically every 4 Hours directly into holders wallet without having need to collect.
1% Auto Liquidity Pool
1% of every transaction contributes towards generating liquidity that goes automatically into PancakeSwap. This liquidity will ensure that the projects.
1% Buyback & Burn
BSCB is a deflationary token and 1% will be used to buyback the token and burn the supply. The is will continuously reduce the supply and improve the over health of the ecosystem.
2% Marketing
From every transaction, 2% is allocated in marketing budget and contributes to fuel platform developments and aggressive promotions around all the blockchain space.
1% Team
In order to continuously attract and retain the best talent, 1% of all transaction will be allocated to team retention and development.
Further to the token features, BSCB tokens will build the framework for INCUpad Tiering System. The tiering system will be discussed in the INCUpad section.