IncuPad (Incubated Launchpad)

BSCBay INCUPad is a multi-chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital and promise safety to early stage investors. The objective of the launchpad is to enable investor to be able to participate without blocking the tokens under the Staking or Holding Schemes.
The fundamental flaws of existing launchpads is that acquiring enough tokens and then stake to participate in the ecosystem is prohibitive, and even if users do stake the tokens, they are not guaranteed an allocation spot.
They are based on a first come first serve basis where automated bots can fill the whitelist spots in a matter of seconds.
BSCBay is creating fair trustworthy launches, where users can choose between a lottery tier or a guaranteed allocation tier and if you win the lottery you get a guaranteed allocation in the first round (Allocation round). Round 2 will follow which will be a FCFS round in case the guaranteed tiers are not able to fill the project raise requests.
INCUPad allocations are completely based on the holding of $BSCB token during the period of project launch with No staking requirements. Apart from getting rewards from $BSCB tokenomics, the users will get fair allocations (Tier 1 will get allocation based on lottery) without the need of staking/blocking their tokens.
Further - The only reason to keep lottery to Tier 1 is to ensure that each user is able to buy meaningful amount of tokens from each presale.
Project Selection
BSCBay INCUpad will conduct thorough checks before any project is launched on the INCUpad platform.
Some of the basic but mandatory requirements:
  • KYC Checks
  • Team Checks
  • Audit Compliance
  • Previous Blockchain Development History (If any)
  • Political History / Connection (If Any)
  • Tokenomics
  • Liquidity & Token Locks
Incubation Services
Once selected, for each project, BSCBay will ensure success through different available affiliate services including marketing, tech development and many more support services. This will ensure BCSB is not only launching a safe the project for our investors, but determined to to make each project a success during their early phases of development
  • Marketing Support
  • Tech Development Support
  • Further Fund Requirement Support
  • CEX / Aggregators / DEX launch Support