Introduction to BSCBay

BSCBay is a blockchain innovation hub with a combination of Incupad and Decentralized Launchpad complimenting Solution Partner Tools coupled with Passive Income Tokenomics
BSCBAY is the next step in the evolution of DEFI. It combines the previous successful instances and features of DEFI and integrates them to create a new paradigm; a revolution within an evolution.
Web 3.0 as the name suggests is not about reinventing the wheel but rather building on the strong foundation of decentralization. And that is exactly what BSCBAY is about – an ecosystem powered by the strong fundamentals driving Web 3.0 and DEFI and built on sustainability. The BSCBAY ecosystem brings together the liquidity generation protocols, passive income tokenomics, launchpads, liquidity and token lockers, data analytics, swap protocols and much more.
Investment Tokenomics – Earn USDT through rewards; the powerful investment tokenomics of BSCBay allow investors to automatically get daily rewards in USDT on your investments.
In the upcoming sections we will discuss each of the parts of the ecosystem in detail. The ecosystem will comprise of, but will not be limited to the following features. With constant feedbacks and community interactions we will evolve the system to adopt to the changing environment.
  • Investment Tokenomics
  • INCUpad
  • DEXpad
Solutions Partner Tools
  • Liquidity & Team Token Lockers
  • Token Mint Factory
  • Audit & KYC Services
  • Analytics & Charts
  • User & Partner Dashboards